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10 Kitchen Islands We Love!

10 Kitchen Islands We Love!

Kitchen islands are a commodity these days. People view islands as an upgrade or a statement, which we agree, but they are also very functional! Islands are great for extra counter space, extra storage, a place for seating, and the list goes on. Well today, we decided to dig into our favorite kitchen islands and share with you some of the great features they include.


Grey is Here to Stay

This island started its life with a standard wood stain and not enough overhang for proper seating. Today, the island has been lowered to one height, given proper countertop overhang for good seating, and given a complete makeover with a grey painted finish. Thinking of incorporating a grey island into your space? Well, we have a good feeling grey is here to stay!


Accent With Color

Looking for a little powder blue in your life, or should we say, kitchen island? Powder blue is a great accent color to work with and we love how it turned out in this space. This island had a dark stain in its previous life, so giving it a lighter and brighter coat of paint essentially gave it new life!


Contrast Colors

When in doubt, give your island a contrast color! This is a simple trick that can be done in any kitchen, and is a great way to add visual interest to your space. Typically, contrasting colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. But in the kitchen, you can break that rule as long as the color palette works. Here we have white as the main color, with the darker island and blue backsplash accent. We love how this modern space turned out!


Island With a Cooking Zone

Islands are not only for “decoration”. In many cases, they serve a function, such as this one. This island (technically a peninsula since it is attached to the wall, but we love it so much we’ll include it! Who said an island can’t be beautiful and multi-functional at the same time?!


Butcher Block Love

Need extra space for food prep? Well, incorporate butcher block as your countertop on the island! Having butcher block as the counter material provides a great (not to mention big) space for chopping and prepping food without having to pull out any chopping blocks. Just be sure to always maintain and care for your butcher block if you are considering putting one in your kitchen.


Contrasting Countertop

Not only do we have a contrasting color on the island, but we also have a contrasting color on the countertop. If you look closely, you will also see the there is a difference in thickness as well. Little details such as this is what will set your space apart from others. We love the chunkier look, and think it looks great on this smaller island!


A Love for Wine

Yes, we have another peninsula, but we also love this one too much to not include it! So first, we have an island with tons of storage options, but we also have an island with a wine fridge. How convenient! If you’re wanting a wine fridge, an island is a great place to put it! Here, it is away from all the other “zones” of the kitchen such as the cooking zone and cleaning zone – perfect for ease of access.


Cooking Zone II

Here we have yet another great island, complete with a cooking zone with range and a steam oven. Plus, there’s plenty of seating, perfect to hang out with the cook! When planning islands that have a cooking zone and seating, be sure to place seating where there is adequate space from the heat source.


More Love for Wine

Here we have another island with wine storage; however, this one is a wine cabinet complete with a lattice to hold the bottles. Is it wine o’clock yet?!


Back of Island Design

When in doubt, add something decorative to the back of the island to add flare. Here we have a painted light blue bead board (we keep seeing powder blue popping up!) that has been attached to the back of the island. There are many ways to decorate this area such as adding tile, or even incorporating wallpaper!

Maintenance is also an important consideration when choosing countertop materials. Porous substances such as granite or marble require routine maintenance and sealing for both food safety and aesthetic upkeep, while other surfaces, such as laminate, quartz- and solid-surfacing, require less attention.

Whatever your plans to use your island, you’ll probably also need it to provide storage. When planning base cabinetry, consider these specialized storage solutions.

  • Extra-deep drawers easily hold bulky items such as pots and large mixing bowls. Even for smaller kitchen gadgets, drawers are a great solution because they pull out for easy access instead of making you reach deep into the back of cabinetry to search for items.
  • Vertical slots are ideal for baking sheets and serving trays.
  • Open shelving keeps frequently used items, such as cookbooks, serving dishes, or even everyday dinnerware, within reach.
  • Display storage, such as glass-front cabinets or shallow open shelves, uses the end of an island to show off heirloom china or other collections.
  • Drawer inserts hold dishes, silverware, or cutlery to efficiently use drawer space. Inserts are often customizable and can change to store different items.

Extra features can also make your island a showstopper that suits your kitchen’s needs. A built-in recycling area helps you help the environment. Easily accessible electrical outlets make food prep easier. Stowing items at the ends of an island maximizes storage.


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