February 27, 2013

General trends in kitchen design involve countertops, flooring and cabinetry exhibiting neutral finishes while innovative interpretations of rural styles embracing natural colors and textures are expected to dominate the realm of professional kitchen design. Other trends include:

01) Ranges equipped with gourmet cooking features and induction cooktops that provide a streamlined, eclectically modern appearance to renovated kitchens.

02) The creation of “social” kitchens that offer more room by utilizing concealed or built-in appliances, flush cooktops and open floor plans permitting movement without restrictions normally incorporated by traditional kitchen designs.

03) Renewed enthusiasm over “faux” wood tiles and laminates that look as though they were made from natural stone.

04) Aesthetics and styles that reflect the personality of the homeowner, rather than a pre-designed kitchen plan resembling other kitchens.

05) Use of the color white in all shades – high-gloss off white, eggshell white, pearl white and even white wood stains. Adding touches of gray and black is another trend being seen by industry experts as well.

06) Remodeling companies are experiencing a surge in the popularity of faucets activated by touch. Clean, simple and elegant, just a gentle tap releases a stream of water that is just as easily stopped by another tap.

07) Scandinavian-style kitchens offering a minimalist decor emphasizing light, linear extensions and functionality represent one of the more desired trends among family homeowners.

08) Kitchen illumination is not longer restricted to ceiling lights. Instead, kitchen renovation styles often involve LED lighting that is energy efficient and less harsh. To add to a kitchen’s spaciousness, remodelers recommend installing LED lights under cabinets or in wall recesses surrounding sinks and appliances.

09) For kitchens that stay consistently busy, active areas, kitchen islands are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Evolving into multi-dimensional, snack/food prep sites that can also incorporate spaces for wine storage or for objets d’art, kitchen islands are available as stationary or mobile appliances.

10) Kitchen styles of the 40s, 50s and 60s, called “retro” designs, are currently experiencing an upswing in popularity due to their kitschy, fun appeal. Nostalgic colors, old-style appliances and retro lighting are just some of the decor items included in a classic retro kitchen.

With bathroom and kitchen makeovers representing two of the best renovation investments homeowners can perform on their home, why not make this year the year you transform your kitchen from humdrum to smoking hot.


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