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July 15, 2010

Outdoor kitchens are certainly not a new idea; they have been popular in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years. Today, many people around the world, including Californians, are catching on to the advantages of having an outdoor kitchen. As a result, many Fresno kitchen remodeling projects are now including outdoor kitchens.

What is an Outdoor Kitchen?
Outdoor kitchens are typically fully functional so you can prepare meals outside without traipsing back and forth to your interior kitchen. Elements commonly included in an outdoor kitchen are a grill island, a dining area and cabinets. Many outdoor kitchens also include a sink and refrigerator as well as a bar with seating. Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple as you wish or as intricate as you can dream up—some even include an ice machine and a full outdoor bar. You might even think about incorporating other elements such as a fire pit during your Fresno kitchen remodeling project.

Benefits Offered by Outdoor Kitchens
If you enjoy cooking outdoors during the warmer months, then an outdoor kitchen may be just the right solution for your home. Plus, an outdoor kitchen may even save you money: if you cook outdoors then added heat from the oven and stove won’t force your air conditioner to work overtime cooling your whole home down again. Besides, an outdoor kitchen makes it a breeze to create a great meal without creating a mess inside.

Designing your Outdoor Kitchen
Today outdoor kitchens are far more than just a grill and some patio furniture. When designing your outdoor kitchen you should need to take several factors into consideration, including the type and size of grill you would like as well as the number of levels of cooking space that you’ll need. Also think about what kind of lighting is best for your outdoor kitchen. For example, if you plan to entertain after dark, then you’ll want to add some softer lights in order to help set the mood. Flooring is also an important consideration. There are many different types of special flooring that can be considered for your outdoor kitchen, including natural stone, brick or even concrete. All of these materials work well because they won’t warp or crack from moisture or extremes of hot and cold.

Your RFMC kitchen remodeling contractors can you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. If you are interested in creating an outdoor cooking and entertainment space that is functional, yet relaxing and comfortable, contact us today.


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