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From Rough To Refined: Concrete Countertops

From Rough To Refined: Concrete Countertops

When you say or read ‘Concrete’ — I’m sure most people have images of rough, hard materials that make up driveways or walls for warehouses.

However. This material has now become one of the most sot after materials in designing countertops for your home.

Concrete countertops have moved beyond the drab slabs you may remember from the past. New advancements and technology have catapulted this material into the world of architectural-grade products, alongside popular stone and wood options.

Concrete countertops are a serious contender for those seeking a customized material with a natural sensibility, it’s widely adaptable, but is definitely not for those who cherish perfection. Is a concrete counter the right material for you and your kitchen?

Unlike concrete counters of the past, the new concrete counters are lighter and some have polymers mixed in, so they don’t stain or crack.

Concrete countertops can virtually be made in any color you can imagine. However, stony gray continues to be the most widely used. Concrete finishes range from rough hewn to diamond polished. That said, there are natural variations in color and texture that occur as the counter is crafted and cured; to concrete advocates, it’s one of material’s appealing qualities.

There’s no need to limit your use of concrete just to your kitchen spaces. This material makes for a great way to convert your old summer kitchens into a new, modern place to entertain. Concrete countertops can even be a great addition to a new or remodel of a bathroom.

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