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Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! This is the time of year to enjoy the great outdoors! There are many different types of remodeling projects to create unique and fun outdoor living spaces that you can enjoy all year round!

A few of our favorites include:

1. Summer kitchens
2. Firepits
3. Expanded patios
4. Screened in patios
5. Pergolas
6. Garden canopies
7. Patio bars
8. Outdoor entertainment areas

Whatever you enjoy doing outside, from backyard barbeques to birdwatching, let us assist you in creating your perfect outdoor oasis!

Most of us enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the joy it brings us on a sunny summer afternoon. Don’t we all feel better when we can go outside and get a breath of fresh air or listen to the crickets on a cool summer night? In a recent Harvard Health Letter five reasons were given on the benefits to your health by spending more time outdoors. Your Vitamin D levels rise, you’ll get more exercise, you’ll be happier, your concentration will improve, and you may heal faster. Who doesn’t need more of those things? Why stay cooped up inside when you can relish all that nature has to offer? In the past all we had to enjoy our outdoor environment was a pressure treated deck or concrete patio. But times have changed! Outdoor Living Spaces have become a way to extend what you have created indoors to the great outdoors.

From simple covered porches to elaborate outdoor kitchens we can do the project for you. Your new outdoor living space will become the area you spend most of your time during the spring, summer, and fall months. We can help you design a custom, one of a kind space that compliments your existing home and changes the way you see your deck, patio, or backyard. It will no longer be the eyesore that you hate to maintain or the area that has no form or function. It will be the grand space that you can’t wait to get to in the mornings to have that first cup of coffee.

If you can dream it, we can build it! Don’t spend another summer staying inside wishing you had a place to relax and delight in your surroundings. Let us help you take your ideas and turn them into reality.

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