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Even though outdoor spaces are often overlooked, yard renovations and redesigns frequently pack the biggest punch. Your outdoor living area is your first chance to inspire and make an impression on neighbors and guests, so sprucing it up can give your blah house a much-needed boost. During the summer, your outdoor designs become key for entertaining and should flow like an extension of your indoor space. With a few key components, your patio, porch or deck can easily be turned into an entertainment haven. When browsing outdoor decorating ideas and remodel inspiration, keep in mind the following advice to make the most out your great outdoors:

Outdoor Kitchens

Host backyard barbeques and friendly gatherings by utilizing a beautiful outdoor kitchen space. Not only is an outdoor kitchen efficient but it is also functional and stylish. Change your dining experience by giving your family the option to eat indoors or outdoors. Outdoor grills, icemakers, and miniature refrigerators are popular appliance additions to add to your outdoor kitchen. Some kitchens require built in installation but others are freestanding and can be moved as needed. Let us help you design what you have in mind.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Create a memorable outdoor ambience with a beautiful outdoor fireplace. Bring the comfort of the indoors, outside by adding a fireplace to your backyard. We can build a fireplace with a rising chimney or a fireplace with intricately designed doors that open to a tamed flame. An outdoor fireplace will create a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living area and create an ambience for any social occasion.


Add some fun and warmth to your backyard by adding a fire pit. Our fire pits will make the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor social event. As fire pits become more popular at festive and social events, don’t hesitate to make your backyard the place your guests want to be.


Adding an outdoor deck will increase the value of your home. Your deck will be a multifunctional area and can be made to compliment the beauty of your home. Our photos will show our deck designs in a variety of shapes and size to help give you an idea of what you want for your home. We will also think of clever solutions to solve any problems with slope, multi-level ground, or privacy needs. You can also enhance what you already have by adding a new rail to an existing deck to make it look brand new. Safety is our number one concern but we will always make sure your deck compliments the beauty of your home.

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Misting Systems

Misting systems lightly fan fine water droplets in to the air in the surrounding target areas that require cooling. A properly installed misting system creates a curtain of mist around all open-air sides of a structure. Depending on the efficiency, relative humidity, and outdoor temperatures, mist cooling can reduce temperatures by as much as 30°F allowing you to better enjoy your outdoor living area. Don’t let the rising summer temperatures keep you from enjoying the outdoors.

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