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At RFMC, we look to take your home renovations to the next level. Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen, living area, bathrooms or any other space in your home, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a high quality renovation that you will love. During the home renovation we will provide exceptional attention to detail and focus on customer service to ensure you are completely satisfied not only with the final project, but with the entire building process. We aim to provide minimal disruption to your home life, therefore we strive to keep all work areas clean, safe and organized.

If you need more space, but love your home and community, RFMC has the ability to provide additions to your existing homes. We have expertise in development permits and planning which includes knowledge of underground services, foundations and an excellent engineering support team that will get you the space you need.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen has become the centerpiece of a home; therefore, more homeowners look to redesign their kitchens to suit their culinary as well as their social needs. Kitchens can be transformed into a focal point of any home while also serving as a multifunctional area. Let RFMC help you design and construct a kitchen that will be an individualized functional area that utilizes space and displays culinary style. Feel confident cooking, hosting, and entertaining in a kitchen that looks bigger and feels better.

Updating your kitchen

You can dramatically enhance the appearance of your kitchen simply by updating what you already have. Replace those washed-out cabinets with new storage cabinets or pull out shelves that will not only enhance the appearance but also increase storage and organization. Let us replace your old appliances, flooring, and paint to make your kitchen look brand new! We can deepen drawer space, insert tile, wood, or vinyl flooring, and install granite countertops. Just tell us what your vision is and we will make it happen!

Bathroom Renovation

The perception of a bathroom has dramatically changed over time where bathrooms are now perceived as rooms of functionality and style. Therefore, it is important that your bathroom reflects the style of the rest of your home. Though redesigning a bathroom can be limited by its size and infrastructure, RFMC will help you select a custom design that will focus on maximizing utility and style. A well-designed bathroom with quality fixtures and additions will also increase the value of your home.


Walls should not limit the size of your home so why do you let them? Though, extra rooms are typically added to the back of the house so they will not change the design; we do not limit what your house could be. Convert your house into a two story home, turn your garage into a game room, or add an entertainment room to the front of your house without a problem. The possibilities are endless! Tell us your ideas and we will make it happen!

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