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When your tired, old tub or shower enclosure has seen better days, it’s time for a brilliant, seamless solution.

Our innovative process takes a single sheet of laminate and forms it to the shape of your tub enclosure for a beautiful, smooth, permanent wall… with no corner seams! Shower units require two pieces of laminate in order to meet height requirements.

You will find your new walls are beautiful to look at and easy to clean. You will wonder why you didn’t say Goodbye to Grout much sooner.

How It Works

To form your seamless unit, we measure the space for the tub or shower and bend the laminate sheet to proper specifications.

The custom laminate is delivered to your home and put permanently into place.
We use a combination of extruded moldings — no metal to rust — to give a finished look to the edges.

To complete the process, a light silicone seal is applied where the unit meets the tub or pan.

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