If you have no idea how to get started, here are some tips:

First steps for renovating your home

  1. Think through how you want to use and visualize a space. It will go a long way towards shaping your remodeling plans. Identify all the things you want to achieve – from functional, structural and styling perspectives and create a prioritized list.
  2. Make a folder of your favorite photos. Keep track of similar style and size renovations, products and colors you love. Resources include: our website’s photos, Houzz, Google, Pinterest.
  3. Plan early on. Your home will become a construction site and may become noisy and dusty at times even with the best protection and precaution. Securing your valuables and clearing a space should be well considered. Depending on the scope of the renovation, you may need to move out during some or all of it. You may need to rent somewhere and factor these costs into your budget. If a permit is needed it may take some time to obtain, so consider the timing necessary to achieve this.
  4. Throughout the process keep in mind just how soon you will be enjoying entertaining in your new kitchen, a luxurious new shower, or whatever the amazing results of your projects will be.

For Co-ops or Condos (additional tips)

  • Look at your upstairs and downstairs neighbors apartments. Since the floor plans are often the same, it can give you great ideas and a sense of what’s possible.
  • Check with your building. Ask your property manager if what you have in mind will require a construction permit (architect).
Some buildings have a limit on how many renovations can happen simultaneously, it is good to ask whether the timing for your renovation will work with anything the building is doing (elevator replacements, pointing, and hallway renovations, etc.)
  • Get a copy of your buildings Alteration Agreement from the management company. While this will often be a standard document and may vary according to your project, it can be helpful in understanding the building requirements before hand.


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