RFMC is committed to providing each client with a positive and rewarding experience during the planning and building process.

We have spent three decades perfecting a comprehensive system built upon collaboration, open communication, mutual respect and thorough planning. No matter how satisfying the final product will be, we firmly believe that getting there should be a big part of the fun. Please let us explain our processes and practices so you can look forward to your project with as much enthusiasm as we do – with a clear and reassuring understanding of costs, planning, materials, timing and the roles different participants play in realizing your goals.

How we arrive at the finished product is as important as the product itself. We hope that thoroughly explaining our practices enhances your understanding of other vital parts of the project, including costs, planning, materials and the roles that various people will play in bringing a building plan to life.


Our “Design-Buildrenovation process is built on a simple concept: Instead of scattering responsibility for pieces of a project to professionals at different firms, it’s better to rest all the elements of design and construction with one team from beginning to end. This tactic helps bridge any communication gaps that can cause potential problems or inefficiencies. Design-Build allows us to identify and prioritize the project details directly with our clients, using our expertise and creativity to develop plans that meet unique needs and expectations while respecting the client’s budget. It also makes one team answerable for the quality and progress of your project – eliminating the phone tag and finger pointing that can plague traditional construction formats.


Clarifying Expectations

So, you have decided to make the investment in remodeling or refining your space. Congratulations! Now it’s time for us to team up to define the details of your project to ensure its success. Our first meeting will be at the project site and will include an inspection of the physical space.

You will tell us about your vision – who will use the space, when and for what. What sort of “feel” and “finish” do you want? What is your budget? Your open and considered answers will start the project on the right path. Your information is the key to the next step, in which we provide you with a written proposal, including the scope of work to be done, a potential budget range and a plan and timeframe for building.

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Plan, Design, Plan

The plans for your renovation project have crystallized and now you are ready to work with the RFMC team to move forward. An RFMC design professional can share with you the exciting process of selecting materials for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, tile, hardware, lighting and fixtures. We will help you choose the fine details of design and workmanship — working within your budget to achieve the best value and aesthetic appeal.

Senior couple listening to their financial advisor regarding new plan at home

Put The Plan Into Play

The team has practiced and prepared, and now it’s time to put the plan into play. Once the construction contract has been presented and signed and the clearly defined payment schedule communicated, you will be introduced to our Production Supervisor, who will direct your project.

Our team will treat your space with the personal attention and respect it deserves throughout the construction process, while you enjoy working with our design team in making product selections and seeing your new space take shape. You will continue to be an integral part of this phase, providing input as needed for decisions on selections.


Let's Get Started!

Now that you know a bit more about our process, perhaps you wish to contact RFMC (p: 5592997613) to see how we can help you get started on your renovation or addition. Based on our discussion, we’ll decide together if RFMC is a good fit for your project, and if an initial site visit leading to a Proposal is appropriate. In the meantime, if you are thinking of undertaking a kitchen or bathroom remodel you may want to contact us and answer some questions to help organize your ideas. Also, please browse our website for inspiration and ideas from our completed works!

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